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July 8, 2017: Vista Ridge to Barrett Spur, Mt. Hood, Oregon

We didn't get on the trail until almost 3:00pm, because the plan was to watch the full moon rise from the mountain (map).
avalanche lilies avalanche lilies lingering snow Mount Hood & snow on the trail western pasqueflowers
subalpine fleabane western pasqueflower shoots magenta paintbrush magenta paintbrush & snowfields lupines
snowfields southwest of Dollar Lake western pasqueflower seed heads maple-leaf currant flowers krummholz & valerian valerian, corn lilies, & Mount Hood
subalpine wildflowers & Barrett Spur subalpine wildflowers & snow subalpine wildflowers & Barrett Spur subalpine wildflowers & snow showy Jacob's-ladder
lupines lupines lupines, paintbrush, & arnica subalpine wildflowers Drummond's anemone seed heads
alpine goldenrod, budding Drummond's anemone cliff paintbrush Davidson's penstemon cushion buckwheat
Mt. Adams & the Dry Creek Fire alpine wildflowers & Barrett Spur snowfields below Ladd Glacier Mount Hood & Ladd Glacier alpine pussy-toes
tufted saxifrage alpine wildflowers alpine wildflowers & Ladd Glacier alpine wildflowers & Barrett Spur alpine wildflowers
alpine wildflowers & Mt. Adams phlox & buckwheat Barrett Spur & Mount Hood tufted saxifrage & dwarf lupines white-bark pine flowers
Cascade catchfly & paintbrush lupines snowfields at sunset small-flowered penstemon, at sunset sunset & lupines
lupines at sunset lupines Elk Cove sunset clouds snowfields above Elk Cove
sunset clouds Dollar Lake & Mount Hood moonrise over Langille Crags snow-covered trail Wy'East Basin & Mt. Adams after sunset

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