Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 1, 2016: Tom McCall Preserve, Oregon

Columbia desert parsley seeds fields of balsamroot & winter vetch fiddleneck fringe-pod bi-colored cluster lily, budding
nine-leaf desert parsley white-stem frasera small lupine Oregon sunshine small-flowered forget-me-nots
European corn-salad gopher snake balsamroot & lupine balsamroot, lupine, & paintbrush balsamroot & lupine
balsamroot, lupine, & paintbrush Pacific snake-root wallflower white plectritis western groundsel
heart-leaf arnica balsamroot, lupine, & Mt. Hood sticky-stem penstemon hairy hawkweed (hound's-tongue hawkweed) sticky-stem penstemon
Nootka roses balsamroot, lupine, & Mt. Adams balsamroot, lupine, & Mt. Hood American vetch prairie stars
baby stars few-flowered pea yellow bells seed-pods balsamroot, lupine, & paintbrush balsamroot, lupine, & paintbrush
balsamroot winter vetch bi-colored cluster lily Hood River milk-vetch western fence lizard
heart-leaf buckwheat balsamroot, lupine, & the "Lyle" sign Columbia River monkeyflower & popcorn flower white-tip clover (sand clover)
tomcat clover monkeyflower & popcorn flower Carolina geranium manroot (wild cucumber) fruit onions, budding
heart-leaf buckwheat white-and-purple lupine slender-fruited desert parsley Pacific poison-oak winter vetch & a turkey vulture
camas with very dense flower clusters bi-colored cluster lilies & winter vetch winter vetch Tom McCall Point & winter vetch winter vetch

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