Adam Schneider's
digital photos

March 17-18, 2009: Santa Cruz, California

Monterey Bay wild radish California golden violet California poppies mule deer
checker mallow common vetch filaree California buttercup California poppies
sun cups (goldeneggs) sun cups (goldeneggs) California poppies California poppies Bermuda sorrel (sourgrass)
rough hedge-nettle harlequin lotus harlequin lotus California golden violet sunset
California poppies California poppies Fremont's star lily Fremont's star lily common plantain
California golden violet checker mallow vetch wild radish rattlesnake grass
French broom California blackberry mule deer wild radish sunset
sunset wild radish sunset Lighthouse Field State Beach charlock mustard
kestrel in a cypress tree Steamer Lane surfer ice plant Steamer Lane
sea lions and cormorants on Seal Rock Santa Cruz Lighthouse sunset at the beach ice plant ice plant

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