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September 5, 2014: Eliot Glacier, Mt. Hood, Oregon

I posted a thorough account of the day's explorations on
Gnarl Ridge Fire damage Greene's goldenweed Sitka mountain-ash berries lupines & Mt. Adams cairn on Eliot Glacier's east moraine
stonecrop Eliot Glacier phacelia hiker tackling the west moraine head-on snowfield #1
randkluft trail down from Cooper Spur Lewis' monkeyflower snowfield #2 crevasses
crevasses alpine sandwort dwarf lupine Langille Crags & Mt. Adams traverse route
Eliot Glacier west moraine mid-glacier cliffs jumbled ice ice/rock cave
muddy trench colors & shadows water coming up through ice debris flows on snow path down the east moraine
Eliot Creek & its steep eroded west moraine Eliot washout Eliot washout & the east rope Eliot Creek Cascade aster
lupine Lewis' monkeyflower Eliot Creek crossing point hikers at the west rope sulphur-flower buckwheat
woodland beardtongue cascades on Eliot Creek Gnarl Ridge Fire & Mt. Adams pearly everlasting 1990s Timberline Trail washout

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