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August 30, 2017: Mount Whitney, Inyo National Forest, California

The plan was to summit Mt. Whitney (14,505') via the 5-mile Mountaineer's Route, then descend on the 11-mile Mount Whitney Trail. Unfortunately, there were thunderstorms along the Sierra crest on the day of my hiking permit, so I only made it to about 12,200', and I had to go back down the way I came. At least there were lots of wildflowers.

Here's a map and elevation profile, and a video of the thunderstorms.

pre-dawn light over Lone Pine brush & cliffs Rockwell Shortcut bushwhack sunrise Bigelow's sneezeweed
approaching Elephant's Ear beaked penstemon trailside waterfall rabbitbrush Wright's buckwheat (bastard-sage)
Sierra chinquapin rabbitbrush & beaked penstemon approach to Lower Boy Scout Lake tarragon (dragon-foot wormwood) tundra asters
Inyo meadow lupine ranger's buttons (woolly-head parsnip) California grass-of-Parnassus western mountain asters Arizona thistle
Palmer's catchfly western mountain asters fern-bush (desert-sweet) coyote mint trailside waterfall
mountain pride (Newberry's penstemon) scarlet gilia needles & Mount Whitney Brewer's fleabane needles & Mount Whitney
Sierra mouse-tail granite prickly-phlox cliffs above Lower Boy Scout Lake woolly groundsel Bigelow's sneezeweed
Thor Peak desert figwort granite slab shortcut Lower Boy Scout Lake Mount Whitney & evergreen trees
creambush (ocean-spray) cliffs behind Upper Boy Scout Lake white-stem goldenbush whale-shaped rock grass flowers
Sierra gentian & tundra aster teeny tiny goldenrod Upper Boy Scout Lake scented shooting stars bog at the outlet of Upper Boy Scout Lake
mountain laurel little elephant's-head lousewort tall western groundsel scented shooting stars Upper Boy Scout Lake's outlet
cushion buckwheat Sargent's catchfly Mount Russell Sierra columbine high-elevation coyote
Sierra wallflower & Sierra primrose valley below Upper Boy Scout Lake western roseroot (ledge stonecrop) Keeler Needle, Crooks Peak, & more needles needles & Mount Whitney
heart willow-weed (rock-fringe) mountain agoseris heart willow-weed (rock-fringe) brittle sandwort needles & Mount Whitney
Sierra primrose alpine prickly currant flowers Sierra primrose Mount Whitney Mount Whitney
storms lowering onto Mount Whitney approaching storms storms lowering onto Mount Whitney storms lowering onto Crooks Peak & Keeler Needle thunderstorm
accumulating hail Mount Whitney emerging from a thunderstorm buckwheat flattened by hail Mount Whitney dark clouds
pink alumroot Sierra columbine Brewer's mountain heather cascades alpine prickly currants
pussy-toes dark clouds over Owens Valley granite ledges water flowing over granite dwarf ivesia
Sharsmith's stickseed alpine gummi bear cascades Lower Boy Scout Lake Boy Scout Lakes slab shortcut
pine tree Lower Boy Scout Lake narrow-leaved monardella view toward Lone Pine timberline sagebrush
trailside waterfall white bog orchid beaked penstemon difficult creek crossing mule deer doe & fawn
western snakeroot trailside waterfall east side of Lone Pine Peak Woods' rose hips few-flowered wire-lettuce
mountains & clouds sun rays on the Alabama Hills late afternoon sun over Mt. Whitney evening sun & clouds over Mt. Whitney Inyo Mountains

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