Chord/Tab Links

Here are some links to other sites with singer-songwriter chords and/or tablature. It is not meant to be comprehensive; I have simply tried to include links to high-quality pages that might be of interest to people whose musical tastes overlap mine in at least some way.

artist link (site name/owner)
ALL artists   OLGA (still down, unfortunately)
ALL artists
Various country artists   COWPIE
Greg Brown   Bob Steidl
Kasey Chambers   Ron Greitzer
Cry Cry Cry   Ron Greitzer
Ani DiFranco   Leigh Marble
Nick Drake   Mikael Ledin
Cliff Eberhardt   Gregory Steele
John Gorka   Gregory Steele
Patty Griffin
Kristen Hall   Gregory Steele
Lucy Kaplansky   Ron Greitzer
Lucy Kaplansky   Gregory Steele
Lori McKenna   Ron Greitzer
Julie Miller   Ron Greitzer
Richard Shindell   Ron Greitzer
Simon & Garfunkel   Rich Kent
Suzanne Vega   Bambi Kill
Gillian Welch   Ron Greitzer
Cheryl Wheeler   Ron Greitzer
Dar Williams   Ron Greitzer
Dar Williams