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August 31, 2017: Tioga Pass, Yosemite National Park, California

After leaving Lone Pine, I drove into Yosemite National Park from the east. I hiked from Tioga Pass to the top of Gaylor Peak and the Gaylor Lakes Basin. Then I drove west through the park, stopping briefly at Tuolumne Meadows and Tenaya Lake, and finally Olmsted Point for a smoky Half Dome view.
Mount Whitney Lone Pine Peak & Mount Whitney Mount Williamson Mt. Williamson, Mt. Bradley, & University Peak Lee Vining Canyon
lupines Dana Fork Leichtlin's mariposa lilies Parish's yampah Parish's yampah
northwest ridge of Mount Dana goldenrod fly agaric mushroom Mount Dana tundra asters
arrow-leaf groundsel Leichtlin's mariposa lilies Coulter's daisies slender cinquefoil alpine sandwort
silky raillardella frosted buckwheat pussypaws route to the summit of Gaylor Peak Granite Lakes
smoke Upper Gaylor Lake north side of Gaylor Peak cushion buckwheat Sierra daisy (stalked fleabane)
Sierra columbine Sierra columbine shrubby cinquefoil alpine willow white dwarf lupine
Brewer's mountain heather western roseroot (ledge stonecrop) alpine shooting stars Sierra gentian little elephant's-head lousewort
granite draba rusty rings on the snow snowfield snowfield & Gaylor Peak Lemmon's paintbrush
swamp onions Lemmon's paintbrush Gaylor Peak & Lemmon's paintbrush Lemmon's paintbrush outlet of Upper Gaylor Lake
Gaylor Peak elephant's-head lousewort wildflowers Buek's groundsel et al. bumblebee on goldenrod
Sierra groundsel long-stalk starwort western bistort Brewer's mountain heather Middle Gaylor Lake
Brewer's cinquefoil little elephant's-head lousewort green-leaved raillardella subalpine daisies Middle Gaylor Lake
arnica Sierra penstemon mountain laurel seeds California valerian dwarf alpine paintbrush
spreading phlox white crystalline rock Mount Dana, smoky wildflowers meadow larkspur
Mount Dana, reflected Ragged Peak & Tuolumne Meadows Pywiack Dome "bathtub rings" near Tenaya Lake Stately Pleasure Dome & Tenaya Lake
Tenaya Lake panorama smoky sunset Tenaya Canyon, Half Dome, & smoke Half Dome & smoke smoky sunset

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