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August 9-10, 2017: Chinook Pass & Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

On the afternoon and evening of the first day, I hiked from Chinook Pass (on Highway 410) up to Chinook Peak, and then did the loop around Naches Peak and Tipsoo Lake; both of those hikes straddle the border between Mt. Rainier National Park and Wenatchee National Forest. The second day, I wandered around the wildflower meadows at Paradise on the south side of Rainier. From Pebble Creek (7200'), I started hiking up toward Camp Muir (10,100')... but then I decided it'd basically just be a long boring slog up a snowfield, so I turned around at about 8,100'.
view from Chinook Pass rainiera American saw-wort bowl south of Chinook Peak arnica
Cascade asters alpine buckwheat meadows below Chinook Peak Mt. Rainier & asters Sourdough Gap & Sheep Lake
Crystal Lake & Crystal Mountain grouse whortleberries Parry's arnica paintrbush & asters paintbrush & asters
view from a cave mitrewort seeds Sheep Lake cotton-grass & Chinook Peak cotton-grass
wildflowers American River Valley Naches Peak wildflowers Deadwood Peak
magenta paintbrush & arnica white mountain heather wildflowers alpine mitrewort seeds white-flowered willow-herb
brook saxifrage Sitka mist-maidens broad-leaf spring beauty leather-leaf saxifrage wildflowers
wildflowers wildflowers magenta paintbrush Cascade timberline grasshoppers wildflowers
lupines wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers pond
arnica white rhododendron thunderstorms wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers wildflowers pond & Naches Peak wildflowers & thunderstorms alpine lake agoseris seeds
subalpine fleabane Naches Peak wildflowers wildflowers & Yakima Peak western pasqueflower seed-heads
wildflowers subalpine spirea wildflowers wildflowers western mountain aster, budding
Mt. Rainier & wildflower meadows Cusick's speedwell Mt. Rainier & Nisqually Glacier explorer's gentian magenta paintbrush
magenta paintbrush wildflowers wildflowers golden fleabane & dwarf lupine Muir Snowfield
smelowskia golden fleabane elegant Jacob's ladder creeping sibbaldia alpine meadow
yellow mountain heather subalpine fleabane & alpine speedwell bird's-beak lousewort pink mountain heather & partridgefoot alpine meadow
tundra aster alpine meadow & the Tatoosh Range alpine springs Tolmie's saxifrage Wilson Glacier Falls
pussypaws elegant Jacob's ladder creeping sibbaldia, going to seed wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers bottom of Paradise Glacier subalpine springs & widlflowers wildflowers & the Tatoosh Range skunk-leaved Jacob's ladder
small-flowered penstemon fan-leaf cinquefoil western pasqueflower coiled-beak lousewort Cascade golden-mantled ground squirrel
wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers marmot Mt. Rainier & Edith Creek Myrtle Falls Narada Falls

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