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February 19, 2015: Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona

bladder-pod triangle-leaf bursage shaggy-fruit pepperweed curve-nut comb-seed desert Indian-wheat
Arizona jewelflower California sun-cup distant phacelia pink desert globe-mallow bee on a poppy
desert lupine & tufted poppies desert senna Picacho Peak butte northeast of Picacho Peak rough joint-fir
dainty desert hide-seed wolfberries ragged rock-flower cliffs London rocket
Lemmon's groundsel snail shell starry bedstraw slimjim bean Picacho Mountains
Emory's rock-daisy snapdragon vine (roving sailor) red-stem filaree Peak 3161 (north side of Picacho Peak) trail down from the saddle
pink desert globe-mallow brittlebush California barrel cactus creosote bush saguaro cactus
chuckwallas common chuckwalla the trail cables and boards below the summit saguaro cactus & the Picacho Mountains
view to the east-southeast view to the south distant mountains to the south desert tobacco rough menodora
saguaro cactus spines middle of Picacho Peak ocotillo American three-fold saguaro cactuses & cliffs
cryptantha cabled trail honey bee in pink desert globe-mallow rock-mustard cliffs
fiddleneck & distant phacelia Arizona jewelflower cholla, saguaro, and a rocky peak fish-hook barrel cactus fruit Picacho Peak

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