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May 29, 2015: Mono Lake & Sonora Pass, California

This album also contains several pictures from May 30 in the Sierra foothills, and then a few more from June 4 in the Mt. Shasta area.
Mt. Gibbs Mono Lake & Paoha Island tufa formations tufa formations, reflected freshwater spring
tufa formations, reflected brine shrimp & exposed tufa tufa formations Mt. Gibbs, Mt. Dana, & tufa Mono Craters
Parker Peak & Mt. Lewis Lower Twin Lake & Crater Crest western blue flag iris Crater Crest swamp onion
bitter-cress foothill death-camas blue-eyed-mary low phacelia antelope bitter-brush
dense false gilia Robinson Creek Valley & Hunewill Peak arrow-leaved balsamroot lupine small-flowered penstemon
woolly mule's-ears western blue flag iris variable checkerspot butterfly on woolly mule's-ears quaking aspen Peak 10441 & wetlands
arrow-leaved balsamroot wild onion Peak 11318 & Upper Twin Lake Wheeler Peak & Mt. Jackson Pickel Meadow
Leavitt Meadow mountains above Sonora Pass Sonora Peak & Deadman Creek Blue Canyon & Leavitt Peak mountain pretty face
opposite-leaved tarweed mountain pride rosy pussy-toes Donnell Lake Dardanelles
mountain pride fir seed skeleton Bridges' gilia (and pussypaws) Quick's phacelia alumroot
granite prickly-phlox hairy vetch mountain misery Tuolumne River grafitti on Ward's Ferry Bridge
two-lobed clarkia woolly sunflower white lupine sticky Chinese-houses (tincture plant) woolly Indian paintbrush
two-lobed clarkia globe gilia velezia (non-native) yerba santa Grizzly Gulch
Mt. Shasta Mt. Shasta The Eddys bitter cherry tobacco brush (snow-brush)
California stickseed creeping buttercup yellow monkeyflower headwaters of the Sacramento River Black Butte

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