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June 23, 2014: Shirley Canyon, Squaw Valley, California

This album contains more photos than you'd expect from just 5 or 6 miles of hiking (map), but that's partly because a lot of the flowers in Shirley Canyon were ones I'd never seen before.
royal penstemon sulphur flower buckwheat dusky horkelia mountain white-thorn waxy checker-mallow
subalpine spirea penstemon canyon walls cinquefoil small waterfall
mountain pennyroyal pinedrops beetle on buckwheat Sierra laurel columbine
purple-flower honeysuckle buds California mountain-ash mule's ears larkspur Hoffman's checkerspot butterflies
fleabane Nevada arnica rosy pussytoes whiskerbrush Oregon sunshine
mahala mat white-flowered hawkweed Sierra gooseberry rose thistle spreading dogbane
waxy checker-mallow scarlet gilia Shirley Canyon & Peak 8426 Bridges' pincushion-plant cut-leaf owl's clover
pretty face lance-leaved stonecrop death-camas rushes Bear Valley buckwheat
small-flowered alumroot small-flowered alumroot hairy golden-aster penstemon Leichtlin's mariposa lily
pussypaws alpine paintbrush mountain pride & granite phlox Shirley Lake & Emigrant Peak
white marsh-marigold Sierra currant mountain jewelflower elderberry flowers & mountain pride lupines
stickseed purple mountain heather purple mountain heather alpine pussytoes pinnacle on Emigrant Peak
Silver Peak Granite Chief snow-patch buttercup snowfield slender-tube skyrocket
wildflowers wildflowers Emigrant Crags & paintbrush Granite Chief & paintbrush dagger pod
alpine ivesia view to the north penstemon lupines small-flowered blue-eyed mary
California valerian alpine paintbrush mule's ears & groundsel three-leaved lewisia flat-stem onion (pink star onion)
field of mule's ears Squaw Valley & Lake Tahoe through windows approaching tram car granite ridge tram cables

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