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June 25, 2014: Pyramid Creek & Horsetail Falls, California

I stopped at Osgood Swamp — which frankly wasn't very interesting — on my way to Pyramid Creek. From the Pyramid Creek/Twin Bridges trailhead, I hiked up to Horsetail Falls, then scrambled up the left side of the falls to Avalanche Lake, which is at the southern edge of Desolation Wilderness (map). Later that day, I drove to the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe and visited the relatively secluded east-side beaches that are on U.S. Forest Service land.
Sierra tiger lily scarlet gilia dusty maidens snow plant sugarstick
Osgood Swamp & Flagpole Peak bird's-foot trefoil Lemmon's catchfly northwestern fence lizard Torrey's monkeyflower
charming centaury Bridges' gilia Horsetail Falls Bridges' gilia penstemon
Lorquin's admiral butterfly hot rock penstemon California incense cedar cascades middle of Horsetail Falls
mountain jewelflower Sierra stonecrop granite talus slope Horsetail Falls Horsetail Falls from above
Horsetail Falls mountain pride western labrador tea cascades Pyramid Peak
reflective tarn Avalanche Lake tinker's penny (creeping St. John's wort) western labrador tea Pitt Lake
granite & water mountain pride Avalanche Lake cascades top of Horsetail Falls
granite prickly-phlox pussypaws Lover's Leap granite Pyramid Creek cascades
Horsetail Falls & Pyramid Creek Valley high waves on Lake Tahoe Chimney Beach sugar pine cone turquoise water
Secret Cove Beach shredded clouds and stormy rocks Secret Cove Beach bumblebee on varileaf phacelia green-leaf manzanita
antelope bitterbrush bush chinquapin Jeffrey pine lenticular clouds bear crossing sign

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