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June 26, 2014: Glen Alpine to Lake Aloha, Desolation Wilderness, California

I hiked up the brushy, wet, semi-neglected Tamarack Trail from the Glen Alpine Trailhead to Lake Aloha, then northwest on the PCT and east down the Glen Alpine Trail past Heather Lake and Susie Lake (map).
Indian Rock, in the clouds subalpine spirea & raindrops mountain pride & raindrops spirea leaf cliffs in the clouds
oceanspray (creambush) lily seeds maple leaves with red velvet erineum galls Sierra tiger lily little pipsissewa
mountain snowberry hot rock penstemon wet, overgrown trail red osier dogwood larkspur
western roseroot (ledge stonecrop) shrubby cinquefoil Cathedral Peak & Fallen Leaf Lake wavy-leaf paintbrush & mountain pride scarlet columbine
Sierra currant rain-soaked spiderweb alpine prickly currant rock garden raindrops in lupine leaves
Bolander's milk-vetch mountain jewelflower Echo Lakes & Flagpole Peak phlox Tamarack Lake & Ralston Lake
woolly sunflower (and fleabane) penstemon & raindrops alpine paintbrush rain-soaked trail dwarf bilberry flowers
mountain laurel mountain laurel Mt. Tallac & Lake Margery Sierra mariposa lily Sierra mariposa lily
Sierra shooting stars Sierra shooting stars Sierra shooting stars pond near Lake Aloha Cracked Crag & Lake Aloha
Crystal Range & Lake Aloha Jack's Peak purple mountain heather mountain pride Pyramid Peak & heather
purple mountain heather wavy-leaf paintbrush twisted pines, Pyramid Peak, & Lake Aloha pretty face Lake Le Conte & melting snow
white mountain heather Lake Le Conte & Cracked Crag penstemon sulphur-flower buckwheat Pyramid Peak, Lake Aloha, & a lone pine tree
an unnamed lake & Heather Lake white & purple heather western labrador tea purple-flower honeysuckle scarlet columbine
pinemat manzanita flowers feathery false solomon's-seal western white pine mountain snowberry alpine gooseberry
very old juniper Heather Lake & clouds Heather Lake & Pyramid Peak lupine Cracked Crag
Nevada cinquefoil (?) white mountain heather at Susie Lake Susie Lake & Cracked Crag tinker's penny (creeping St. John's wort) Sierra Nevada agoseris
field of corn lilies Angora Peak & Indian Rock waxy checker-mallow Leichtlin's mariposa lily swamp onion, budding
Keith's Dome bird's-foot trefoil waterfall on Glen Alpine Creek white lupine Lily Lake

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