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August 6, 2013: Paradise & Pinnacle Peak, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

Here's a map. I also posted two full trip reports (with fewer photos, but more words) on Mt. Rainier, Pinnacle Peak.
Paradise Inn pink mountain heather towering lousewort western false asphodel seeds tall mountain shooting-star
Paradise River, long exposure lupine & heather strawberry bramble fan-leaf cinquefoil wildflowers
heather & cinquefoil Louise Lake & the Tatoosh Range south shore of Lake Louise rosy spirea heather and a seasonal pond
magenta paintbrush bird's-beak lousewort Stevens Canyon Mt. Rainier & wildflowers wildflower fields
agoseris wildflower fields wildflower fields Mt. Rainier & wildflowers trail through wildflowers
Mt. Rainier & a rocky meadow sedge Tatoosh Range & wildflowers snowfield & wildflowers avalanche lilies
heather meadow heather & lupines beargrass & lupines spreading phlox spirea & Paradise Valley
patches of heather on the hillside Mt. Rainier & wildflowers Cusick's speedwell cliffs & wildflowers corn lily flowers
Arctic sweet coltsfoot white marsh-marigolds wildflowers cinquefoil showy jacob's-ladder
partridgefoot small-flowered penstemon Lewis's monkeyflower Cowlitz Rocks alpine wildflowers
coltsfoot seeds & Lewis's monkeyflower Arctic sweet coltsfoot seeds leather-leaf saxifrage seeds leather-leaf saxifrage seeds wildflowers
trail across the snow lupines & paintbrush Paradise & the Tatoosh Range Mt. Rainier waterfall above Nisqually Glacier
dwarf lupine crags above the trail thread-leaf sandwort golden fleabane finch & dwarf lupine
sky pilot yellow mountain heather Cascade golden-mantled ground squirrel, eating lupines Mt. Rainier & heather pink mountain heather
bird's-beak lousewort white penstemon subalpine daisies/fleabane snowfield & cinquefoil (and a pasqueflower) Mt. Rainier & paintbrush
wildflowers & Tatoosh peaks wildflower meadow heather meadow lousewort-filled meadow Sluiskin Falls
elephant's-head lousewort Sitka valerian Mt. Rainier Pinnacle Peak Unicorn Peak
talus and trail below Plummer Peak Mt. Adams & Butter Creek Valley harebell view back down toward the saddle
cliffs & Unicorn Peak time to leave the trekking poles behind spotted saxifrage stonecrop & juniper USGS benchmark & Mt. Rainier
Pinnacle Glacier western Tatoosh Range painted lady butterfly Cowlitz Chimneys leaves of spotted saxifrage
Paradise Foss Peak & Unicorn Peak Tatoosh Peak & Goat Rocks lichen Plummer Peak, framed by conifers
juniper berries alpine buckwheat Pinnacle Peak's summit mountain sandwort scarlet paintbrush
Mt. Rainier in late evening Davidson's penstemon wildflowers hemlock trees on a creeping slope wildflowers near sunset
The Castle Cascade azalea rosy spirea Mt. Rainier Unicorn Peak

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