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July 3-8, 2003: Victoria, British Columbia

Teresa and I visited Victoria, British Columbia in July of 2003 and stayed at three different B&B's. Victoria is a very nice city, and we were mildly pondering the possibility of moving there, but the prospect of emigrating to and finding employment in another country was a bit daunting.

San Juan Islands Olympic Mountains Donaldson Island & lots of birds Seagulls Trees, moon, seagull

Donaldson Island Evergreen trees & Olympic Mountains Iron Mine Bay Buttercups Candyflower

Candyflower Ferns Ferns Buttercups Cooley's hedge-nettle

Cooley's hedge-nettle Ferns Ferns Ferns Hummingbird feeder & petunias

Poppy heads Yucca Blue dragonfly Self-heal Teresa on a suspension bridge

Rocky shoreline Stones in the sand Steps carved into a fallen tree Olympic Mountains (and a dog) Tall trees overlooking Colburne Passage

Teresa Floating dock Broken shell Colburne Passage Daisies

Borage & dahlias Borage Chicory Chicory Clover

Arbutus tree Arbutus tree Arbutus tree Teresa & sunflower sculpture Water lily

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