- I believe this is recorded in C# on the album, so tune your guitar like so
  if you really want accuracy: C#G#C#E#G#C#.  But it's a lot easier to just
  think in open D (DADF#AD), and so that's how I've written down the chords.
- The D chord is usually played using harmonics on the 12th fret.
- The C#, C, B, A, and G chords are made by holding all of the strings at
  a single fret: 11, 10, 9, 7, and 5, respectively.
- Each chord stands for one 6/8 measure, except for D - A (in the intro),
  which is one measure total.  Tab for the intro is at the end of this file.

D     D     A     A     D - A    D    D

D   D   D   D            A     A   A   A
All_________ through the night
G   G   G   G           D       D   D   D
I'll_______ be watching over you

    D   D   D   D            A     A   A   A
And all_________ through the night
G   G   G   G           D       D   D   D
I'll_______ be standing over you

    D      D    C#    C#   C    C   B   B
And through___ bad dreams, I'll_____ be
A                 A           A                   A       D    D   D   D
Right there baby, telling you, everything's gonna be all right

    D   D    C#    C#   C    C   B   B
And when you cry______, I________'ll____
A              A           A               A                 D       D   D   D
be there baby, telling you, you were never nothing less than beautiful

   G    G   A   A                                      D    D.
So don't you worry, [tacet]   I'm your angel standing by

[All notes in < angle brackets > are natural harmonics.]
[Remember, it's actually recorded in C#.  But who plays in C#?!]

   D              D              A             A
D ------<12>----|------<12>----|--------------|--------------|
A ----<12><12>--|----<12>------|--------------|--------------|
D <12>----------|<12>------<12>|----<7>-<7>---|----<7>-<7>---|
A --------------|--------------|--<7>-----<7>-|--<7>-----<7>-|
D --------------|--------------|<7>-----------|<7>-----------|

  D      A        D              D
D --------------|------<12>----|------<12>----|
A ----<5>---<7>-|----<12><12>--|----<12><12>--|
D <5>---<7>-----|<12>----------|<12>----------|
A --------------|--------------|--------------|
D --------------|--------------|--------------|

- transcribed by Adam Schneider,