I CAN SEE IT NOW (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
[The song is in G, and I don't know where MCC puts her capo, but I
 suspect it's on the 5th fret, so I've written the chords in D.]
[She probably also uses a weird tuning.]
[Each chord is one measure, except two chords joined by a hyphen are
 one measure _total_.]

D    D    Em7    G

D                  D
I can see it now, walking by myself
    Em7                           G
And suddenly you're there walking with somebody else
D                   D
I can see it now, what's right up ahead
  Em7                                 G
A scene I've played a thousand times over in my head

G                    Asus4
I can see it now, it isn't just a dream
      D                         G
Can't shake myself awake, can't fall right back to sleep
G                   Asus4
Face to face I come right up to the truth
 D                    G     -    Asus4    D   D
I can see it now, I'm still not over you

I can hear it now, your voice saying my name
It's too late for me to walk the other way
I can hear it now, asking how I've been
Oh and by the way, have you met my friend?

I can hear it now, a breaking all apart
A strange familiar sound that's coming from my heart
Feeling just as bad as the day that it was new
I can see it now, I'm still not over you

F                              Em7
When you're out of sight, baby you're still on my mind
       D                             D
You're much too hard to lose, you're too easy to find
       F                       Em7
Like a bottle to a drunk, like trouble to a fool
     G                   Asus4
I've only ever seen just what I wanted to

I can feel it now, as you walk away
Something left unsaid, and nothing left to say
I can feel it now, like weather in my bones
Before it even comes, before I even know

I can feel it now, the empty and the ache
That bitter little pill that I don't want to take
Instead I'd swallow all the pride I ever knew
   D                         G     -    Asus4
To crawl back if you asked, all that I would do

D    D    Em7      G            D      D    Em7   G
          Ohhhhhh,   I can see it now

F   Em7   D   D     F   Em7   D   D    D.

- transcribed by Adam Schneider, http://adamschneider.net/