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WITHOUT YOU (Kim Richey, Bill Bottrell, Birdie, & Brian MacLeod)
[It's in C, but probably played in A with a capo on 3, so that's how
 I've written it.]
[Many of the Asus9's might actually be A, or a mix of A and Asus9.]

Asus9  G  Asus9  G

Asus9       Asus9       Asus9        Asus9          G   G
  I made a bed of roses, dreamed of islands in the air
Asus9       Asus9           Asus9      Asus9        G     G    Asus9  Asus9
  Walked on Spanish beaches, shook the petals from my hair,   my hair
C             Csus4 (?)       C           Csus4 (?)
  Freed some birds from cages, let them drift into the blue
C               Csus4 (?)     C           Csus4 (?)            Em   Em
  I've written lovesick pages, stayed up late and watched the moon
    Asus9    G     Asus9   G
Without you,   without you

I rode on waves of incense, Nag Hamati ancient bell
Freed my shrines of pretense and of things too hard to tell, to tell
Laid on clover hillsides, caught the scent of honeydew
Lay awake nights sometimes 'til blackness turned to blue
Without you
Without you

I faced sun on water at the end of my remorse
Became a laughing daughter on a spotted stallion horse, ooh
I was a note that landed on the shores of Xanadu
My wishes all were granted, what more could I do
Without you
Without you
Without you

- transcribed by Adam Schneider,

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