LET IT ROLL (Kim Richey & Angelo)
[Actually in C; capo 5]
[Each chord is one measure, except pairs of chords joined with hyphens
 (e.g., G - D) are one measure total.]
[G: 320033.  G6maj7: 324030.  G6: 3x2033.]
[C(9) is 330010 where it follows C, and x32033 where it follows D.]
[Am might actually be Asus4 or A7sus4.]
[The chords written down here are taken from a live performance that I have
 on videotape; I think the recording is a little different.]

G   G6maj7   C   Am      G   G6maj7   C   Am

           G                 G6maj7       G6              G
When I'm a breath away from going down, a step away from losing ground
        C         C              G   G
And the price for love has come due
           G              G6maj7    G6               G
And when I'm just barely hanging on, on the edge of too far gone
      C          C                G     G
And I need something to get me through

       D                D                  C                        C(9)
When there's no reason to believe, and life ain't all it's cracked up to be
      G  -  D   C(9) - D    G   G
Let it roll           over me

When my last chance goes up in smoke, and I can't see a shred of hope
And tears can't wash away these blues
And when my best shot keeps fallin' short, and I don't care much anymore
'Cause my poor heart feels used

When love ain't all that fair, I sing out a simple prayer
Let it roll over me

       D             C(9) - G         D        C(9)  -   G
Let it roll, let it wash away, let it all fall where it may
       C          C    D  -  D/C   D/B  D/A
Let it roll right over me

G   G6maj7   G6   G      C    C    G   G
[guitar solo]

       D               D              C                   C(9)
When there's no place left to run, and if that day should ever come
      G  -  D   C(9) - D    G     D   D   C  C(9)
Let it roll           over me
      G  -  D   C(9) - D    G   G6maj7   C   Am
Let it roll           over me

||: G   G6maj7   C   Am  :||
   [repeat and fade]

- transcribed by Adam Schneider, http://adamschneider.net/