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FADING (Kim Richey)
[Actually in A; capo 2.]
[Each chord is half of a measure, except pairs of chords joined with hyphens
 (G - G/F#) are half a measure total.]
[Kim told me that in the chorus ("Fading..."), sometimes she plays 300230
 instead of a "normal" G.]

D   D   G   G     D   D   G   G
[intro; lots of noodling before the main band comes in on these chords]

G              D      A           D(9)
  Well I can't seem to place the name of
      G      D/F#        G     G - G/F#
that town we went to last fall
G                  D               A           D(9)
  It was up in the mountains, yeah, we took a train there
   G               D         G     G
And that's pretty much what I recall

D/F#  D/F#  G   G
       D/F#  D/F#  G   G
You are         fading

You took me dancing, out all night dancing
The best time I might've ever had
And didn't you kiss me, and make me laugh
When we said goodbye, wasn't it sad?

You are fading

A      A               G    G                D           G     G
  A sweet dream left behind I can't seem to find my way back to (you)

You are fading
You are fading

Well, I've got letters, pictures too
But they can't come close to you
Days go by, and life goes on
And on and on, and on and on and on

You are fading

You are fading

- transcribed by Adam Schneider,

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