COME AROUND (Kim Richey & Tim Krekel)
[Actually in Ab; capo 1.]
[Each chord is a half of a slow 4/4 measure.]
[Em7 is fingered 022033; C(9) is x32033 or x32030.]
[Some or all of the D chords might actually be Dsus9 (x00230).]

Em7  D  C(9)  D    Em7  D  C(9)  D

Em7        D                 C(9)   D
  I don't miss the good old days
Em7               D             C(9)           D
  I've learned a lot since then, I've changed my ways
C(9)      D         G         C(9)      Em7      D      C(9)   D
  I'm not bothered by those things that used to get me down
                     Em7   D   C(9)   D     Em7  D  C(9)  D
Only when you come around

I don't carry much regret
We all hold something that we'd just as soon forget
And I remember like it was today, the love we found
                      Em7   D   C(9)     D              Em7   D   C(9)  C(9)
Every time you come around,       every time you come around

D      D        D        D      G     G           G     G
  Well I'm the first to say I should forget you, and I wish I
 Em    Bm        G       D        Asus9   Asus9
could; sometimes wishes don't come true

Em7  D  C(9)  D    Em7  D  C(9)  D
Em7  D  C(9)  D    Em7  D  C(9)  D

It doesn't seem like much to ask
To live a life that isn't caught up in the past
But there's really no place else on earth for me right now
I wish you'd come around, I wish you'd come around
Why don't you come around

[Fade on Em7 D C(9) D.]

- transcribed by Adam Schneider,